Coahuila Governor Miguel Angel Riquelme announces Lear investment

Riquelme highlighted LEAR's new investment, in addition to pointing out that they are a part of that strategic alliance to continue attracting more investments.

SALTILLO COAHUILA. – With an investment of more than 20 million dollars, Governor Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís inaugurated the start of operations of Project 31XX of the LEAR Seating Structures Plant, which generates 290 new direct jobs for the Southeast Region.

In his message, the state leader highlighted the strengths of Coahuila by being in the first places of attraction of Foreign Direct Investment, in the contribution to the Gross Domestic Product; security, peace, job stability; respect for the rule of law, guarantees for investors and a qualified hand, in addition to having the cities with the best perception of security and being one of the most competitive entities nationwide.

He highlighted LEAR’s new investment, in addition to pointing out that they are a part of that strategic alliance to continue attracting more investment and new jobs to the entity, in conjunction with the union sector.

“Today we have many challenges ahead, but we do have to identify security, peace and tranquility as Strengths of Coahuila, which are an indispensable factor for those who come to invest,” he declared.

In addition to highlighting the stability and labor peace that the entity has for more than 30 years without a strike, as well as having the best levels in the rule of law among the three Powers and providing certainty to those who invest, how to guarantee the rights of the Coahuila women and men.

“Our commitment is to continue providing resources oriented towards infrastructure, which promises for economic development to continue guaranteeing the security of our entity, strengthening our corporations and building infrastructure that allows us to provide a better quality of life for those who work with you, with sports facilities, cultural and educational ”, he specified.

Coahuila, Mexico

In his speech, the president of Lear Operations Mexicanas, Óscar Domínguez, highlighted the work between the State Government, the union, and the company, to specify the investment in Coahuila, which is a bastion in the production and construction of mechanical structures.

He explained that in Mexico there are 42 plants installed in 11 entities and they generate 47 thousand direct jobs; and in the coming weeks the company will announce an investment of 800 million pesos, which would generate more than 3,000 jobs, so it is being analyzed that it could possibly be carried out in Coahuila.

For his part, Alberto Piñones, Vice President of Structures at Lear Mexican Operations, explained the inauguration of the LEAR 31XX Project, and explained that in Coahuila there are more than 11 thousand people in its plants in the different seat manufacturing processes, and now With the investment of more than 20 million dollars, 290 new jobs were created.

The event was attended by the Secretary of the Economy of Coahuila, Jaime Guerra Pérez; Everardo Durán Flores, Mayor of Arteaga; the Secretary General of CTM Coahuila, Tereso Medina Ramírez; the Vice President of Human Resources of LEAR Mexican Operations, Gabriel Luján; the Director of Operations of the Saltillo, Ramos Arizpe and Arteaga I Plants, Roberto García; and the Director of Human Resources, Structures Division, Juan Carlos García.

Source: La Prensa de Monclova

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