Good outlook for the mining industry in Coahuila, Mexico


Monclova is a city and the seat of the surrounding municipality of the same name in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila. According to the 2015 census, the city had 231,107 inhabitants. Its metropolitan area has 381,432 inhabitants and a population density of 29.88 inhabitants per square kilometer.

MONCLOVA, COAHUILA – “The last year has been difficult for the mining in Coahuila, however, there are big expectations for next year, due to the reactivation of AHMSA’s production and the resumption of coal purchases by the CFE”, said Miguel Riquelme, governor of Coahuila.

Riquelme said they have already spoken with businessmen who have confirmed their investment project in Altos Hornos de Mexico’s plants in Monclova, with the firm intention of reactivating steel production at higher levels and begin to settle debts with suppliers.

“We expect the prompt resumption of coal production for the steel industry and power generation, the most affected sector since energy purchases have fallen to zero in recent months,” he said.

Coahuila, Mexico

The Federal Electricity Commission, he added, “has concluded the purging of the list of coal suppliers and we expect that in the coming week the corresponding contracts or tenders will be made for the medium and small producers of our entity.”

In this way, the coal region will be reactivated and in the northern region, the two coal-fired plants will be able to generate high levels of electricity for the country, increase the consumption of coal and boost mining activity with the economic benefits for the entire production chain.

The governor concluded that for many years mining workers have shown that more than practicing a profession, they are dedicated to an activity that involves great commitment and sacrifice.

Source: La Prensa de Monclova

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