Coahuila Mexico explore and enjoy unique experiences


Live tourism in the state of Coahuila Mexico and enjoy unique experiences. Discover its 7 magical towns, taste excellent wines, take relaxing horseback riding, discover the paleontological wealth of the state, and much more.

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Their cities tour
Escape to Saltillo, the capital of Coahuila. Here you will find a great cultural and historical wealth that is distributed among its various museums and imposing buildings. In the Museum of the Sarape and Mexican Costumes, for example, you can discover the history behind the serape as well as the process by which it is made. Meanwhile, in the innovative Museum of the Desert, you will witness the paleontological wealth of the state in a unique and highly interactive way.

Another of the most important cities in Coahuila is Torreón. Besides being an area of ​​high industrial activity, it has quite significant tourist attractions. Among them we have its museums, theaters (such as the Nazas Theater and the Isauro Martínez Theater) and colossal constructions such as the famous Cristo de las Noas, a huge sculpture of Christ made by the artist Vladimir Alvarado.

Tourist Places of Coahuila Mexico

1) Intro – 00:00
2) Saltillo Coahuila – 00:40
3) Cuatro Cienegas Coahuila Magic Town – 01:32
4) Parras de la Fuente Coahuila Pueblo Mágico – 02:26
5) Arteaga Coahuila Magic Town – 03:35
6) Viesca Coahuila Magic Town – 04:30
7) Candela Coahuila Magic Town – 05:36
8) Muzquiz Coahuila Magic Town – 01:32
9) Valley of the Dinosaurs Coahuila – 07:39
10) Outro – 08:44

Get to know its magical towns
Currently, the state of Coahuila has 7 magical towns: Arteaga, Candela, Cuatro Ciénegas, Guerrero, Múzquiz, Parras and Viesca. Each one has a very distinctive charm. For example, thanks to its impressive forested landscapes, Arteaga has earned the nickname “The Switzerland of Mexico.”

In Candela there are delicious hot springs, ideal to pamper body and mind; Cuatro Cienegas is a true paradise with natural pools of turquoise waters; In Guerrero –a charming and little-known destination–, you can embark on adventure and practice kayaking, hiking and other activities.

For its part, in Parras de la Fuente you can taste excellent wines, visit beautiful vineyards and discover natural wonders such as the Cueva de los Murcielagos. Meanwhile, Múzquiz is characterized by the warmth of its people and by its great cultural diversity (the Mascogos and the Kikapúes reside here).

Enjoy ecotourism activities
If you want to visit incredible natural sites without causing enormous damage to the environment, then ecotourism is the ideal option for you. For this, you should know that Coahuila has areas such as Maderas del Carmen, Dunas de Bilbao and part of the Mapimí Reserve.

Although access is mostly restricted, in certain areas access is allowed and it is even possible to practice various activities such as camping, flora and fauna observation, nature and landscape photography, cave painting tracking, etc.

Fall in love with its gastronomy
Without a doubt, another of the attractions of tourism in Coahuila is gastronomy. And, in addition to having excellent cuts of meat, the people of Coahuila can boast of a great culinary tradition. Among the most representative dishes we find the fry, the famous wedding barbecue, the mascogo taco, the machaca, the nachos and the pulque bread.

Tourist Places in the State of Coahuila Mexico

As for drinks, we cannot fail to mention the wines of the region, especially those that come from Parras. When you go, don’t forget to try them! In addition, the desserts have also become a delicious must-see. It doesn’t matter if you choose to try the capirotada, walnut empanadas with piloncillo or the juicy apples of the Magical Town of Arteaga, you will still love them!

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