Coahuila man carries his mother to a vaccination module and goes viral on social networks


Since we learned that the coronavirus vaccine already existed, we are sure that many asked this question, when will it reach us? Although we are a bit slow on this side of the Atlantic because health workers and the elderly have barely had a dose, we are all happy to know that many are protecting themselves against this disease, but there are those who flatly have to be carried to be vaccinated, this is the case if a man and his mother.

When we were babies, our parents –obviously– would carry us and take us anywhere in this way; well, the same thing happened in our beloved Mexico, when a good son decided to take his mother in this way and thus win the heart of many on social networks.

According to different media, all this happened in the city of Piedras Negras, in the northern state of Coahuila, when a man went out to the street with her mother, apparently to take her to the vaccination module that is located in the facilities of a campus of a Conalep school. Obviously, the elderly woman –with a face mask on– could not keep up with her offspring, that is why he preferred to carry her.

Of course, this image turned the internet upside down and there are many positive comments about it. The vast majority point out and even celebrated the noble gesture that this good son had with his mother, as there are those who consider that there are people who do not even do that for their parents, so this is a good way to give back to them everything they have given us. And of course, many said that seeing this postcard made their day completely.

Several users have pointed out that this kind of image, where children take their father or mother to the vaccination centers by the hand, in a walker, or at a slow pace, is extremely normal. However, many were surprised to see this man carrying his mother as when he was a newborn. There is no doubt that the ways of the internet are mysterious, and it always has something to make us believe once again in humanity.

Source: Sopitas

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