Economic Influx from Eclipse to Equal Half-Year Tourism Activity in Durango


The economic influx from the solar eclipse will be 500 million pesos

The economic influx from the Total Solar Eclipse across the 10 municipalities of Durango will be 500 million pesos, practically half of what the state receives in a year from tourism activity. It is estimated that there will be more than 20,000 visitors with accommodations.

Elisa Haro Ruiz, Secretary of Tourism for the Government of the state of Durango, said that a large number of visitors are expected to camp in the area, so starting Saturday, the Health Caravan with mobile clinics will be implemented to attend to insect bites and other incidents that may arise with the astronomical event on Monday, April 8.

She pointed out that, to avoid unnecessary mobility, subsidized transportation will be provided to people from the capital to the municipalities of Pueblo Nuevo, San Juan del Río, Nuevo Ideal, Canatlán, and Nazas. Similarly, people from La Laguna are asked to enjoy the experience from their municipalities to avoid collapsing the road system.

All gas stations in the region and all convenience stores have been notified to be prepared with sufficient supply for Monday. Medication has also been supplied to all health centers in the municipalities of the strip. Haro Ruiz said that there will be a state secretary at each observation point, so the entire cabinet will be in permanent operational work, following the training they have received, as responsible for each space.

“We want the people from La Laguna to stay in La Laguna, what we are doing in the capital of Durango is to prevent the collapse of the road system, to avoid moving in their own cars, to use the buses that are being subsidized,” commented the official.

She referred to a floating population that is difficult to estimate, international tourism is estimated, with groups of Japanese, Russians, Italians, Argentines, Germans, Canadians, from the United Kingdom and the United States, who arrive by plane and have prior planning, but there is another last-minute tourism that is not defined.

Source: El Siglo de Torreon