For starting ‘Operativo Paisano’ in Coahuila; 20 thousand compatriots are expected this summer 


From the second half of July and during August, personnel from the National Institute of Migration (INM) will begin with Operation Paisano in Coahuila, seeking to provide full support to compatriots who return to Mexico for the vacation season, according to the delegate of the federal agency, Sonia Guardiola. 

She added that during these weeks, approximately 20,000 countrymen are expected to pass through, who will be provided with information and a guide for a better trip on state highways. 

The federal official stated that the security conditions in Coahuila allow the number of countrymen who decide to return to their states of origin to increase each year, using the entity’s highways. 

Although the countryman program is permanent, from July 25 to August 25 the presence of INM elements will be reinforced at the different crossing points for Mexicans coming from the United States. 

     “A figure higher than last year is expected, similar or higher than last year, as the Secretary of Government commented, we have a good perception of security in Coahuila, that we are in the third safest state and the first most secure border, which allows compatriots to decide to enter through our international bridges”, said Sonia Guardiola. 

The head of the INM indicated that at the moment there is no report on the organization of the caravan among the countrymen themselves, who seek to group together to have a safer journey, however, she stated that they will be aware of this possibility to provide support to the compatriots. 

She stressed that at the beginning of August there would be the largest flow of compatriots on the entity’s highways, although the passage of vehicles traveling from the United States on their way back to the country has already been detected. 

 Source: Milenio