Coahuila is the state with the highest risk of forest fires in Mexico

Photo: Vanguardia

Coahuila is the state with the highest risk of forest fires in the country right now in Mexico, as more than half of the state territory will have high and moderate danger conditions, according to information from Conagua.

The forecast for Sunday, July 17th declared that the Laguna Region and part of the Southeast, Carboniferous, North, and Center-Desert Regions are in red (high risk), the latter even had points with a very high risk of fires.

And the territory that was not marked with red, was found in yellow or moderate risk, which covered almost the entire state, except for a small portion of the northeast, in municipalities such as Guerrero and Hidalgo.

At the national level, the risk of forest fires also extended to Chihuahua, Durango, Zacatecas, San Luis Potosí, and Nuevo León, as well as parts of Baja California and areas of the lowlands and center of the country.

For Monday, the danger of this type of disaster was focused on La Laguna, with Torreón, Viesca, Matamoros, San Pedro, and Francisco I. Madero is at high risk.

In addition, part of the Southeast Region such as Parras, Ramos Arizpe, and General Cepeda was colored red, while Saltillo and Arteaga remained at yellow or moderate risk.

The high risk also extended to the Center-Desert regions, such as Ocampo, Sierra Mojada, San Buenaventura, and Cuatrociénegas, and to the North, mainly in Ciudad Acuña.

Only a part of the northeast of the State and the Carboniferous Region did not present risks of forest fires on Monday, July 18.

Source: Vanguardia

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