A pickup truck kills one and injures four outside the Corona Stadium in Torreón, Coahuila


Rayados de Monterrey fans were run over by a pickup truck outside the Corona Stadium in Torreón, Coahuila.

A group of Rayados de Monterrey fans were run over by a truck outside the Corona Stadium, one person died and two were arrested after the events.

After Rayados de Monterrey’s victory against Santos Laguna on Sunday night, a group of fans who made the trip from Nuevo León, who were waiting for their bus to return to the city, were hit by a truck of Santos de Torreón fans.

There are several versions of the event, everything indicates that another group of Guerrero fans was attacking the people of Monterrey with stones. Upon hearing the screams, the truck returned, and without thinking about it, the driver ran over the people who were eating corn, detailed one of the witnesses attacked.

The deceased is a woman between 30-40 years old and the injured were taken to a hospital in the Lagunera region.

Two women were arrested after the incident that occurred outside the Corona TSM Stadium.

After the incident that left one person dead and five injured, the people accompanying them began to attack those responsible for the van, where several men and women were traveling, however, the authorities have only reported the arrest of two women so far.

For its part, the Mexican Professional Soccer League (LIGA MX) issued a statement declaring that the corresponding authorities have taken up the case and that they will determine the situation of those possibly responsible.

Source: Excelsior

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