Southern Sinaloa 2 earthquake leaves strange after effects


Two earthquakes shake Sinaloa; the first was of magnitude 4.0 and the second of 3.8

El Caimanero and Chametla report consequences after the earthquake that occurred last Saturday

El Rosario, Sinaloa.- On Saturday, January 9, the national seismological system confirmed an earthquake of magnitude 4.0 with an epicenter 53 km from Escuinapa, so the inhabitants of the municipality of El Rosario and their communities were who perceived the phenomenon.

It is through social networks that people of Rosario who live in the communities have manifested strange factors that happen in the area. From plots that open in Chametla, and Apoderado to a low tide that still manifests itself in the Caimanero. Some residents comment that the sea is between 50 and 60 meters than normal.

“The Sea of ​​Syzygy” is the name of this phenomenon that occurs when the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun are aligned, causing the forces of attraction of the latter two to be concentrated on one side and cause high tides (high tide) of higher grade and low tides (low tide) at a lower level than the average ”, explained citizen Víctor Díaz.

Despite the explanations given by the experts, the residents of Rosario show fear of this unknown fact in the area, which is why they augur a bad omen, and generate psychosis among their neighbors when they see houses cracked by the earthquake.

“Sometimes, after an earthquake, a tsunami comes, those who live near the sea are very careful,” warned Mirella Peraza, from Rosare.

For his part, José Francisco Nieblas Elías, a resident of Agua Verde, assured that this phenomenon (the low tide) is very common since it is seen every year in January and February.

“For those of us who live on the beach it is very common to see it for those who don’t, well no; Do not believe that this is the cause of the tremor for quite some time now, it trembled stronger and the sea did not have that effect, ”explained Nieblas Elías.

“Do not scare them with what tsunami if people are already nervous with the earthquake and that it is opening the earth, that is heard by my land in Proxy who knows if it is true and why it is happening, you have to be careful because that It is not normal but I assure you that no one says anything about it hopefully and then I don’t give them a substitute and then if they are going to be careful but it will be too late, ”stressed, Rommel Félix, a neighbor of Apoderado.

Low tides and cracks in parcels, aftermath of the earthquake causes fear in rosarenses

How powerful is a 4.0 earthquake, like the one felt in southern Sinaloa?

The National Seismological Institute reported that an earthquake of 4.0 to 4.9 degrees on the Richter scale is perceived by most of the people in the affected area, although it is unlikely that damage will occur.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (Informational Reaction) .- Sinaloa is not an area where earthquakes occur daily, as is the center of Mexico, but when they do occur they are perceived.

This afternoon, some citizens of the Escuinapa and El Rosario communities, south of Sinaloa, perceived an earthquake measuring 4.0 on the Richter scale.

But how powerful is a 4.0 Richter earthquake?

According to the National Seismological Survey, an earthquake of 4.0 to 4.9 degrees on the Richter scale is perceived by most of the people in the affected area, although it is unlikely that damage will occur. It can cause objects to move inside buildings.

Effects of the earthquake or earthquake according to the degree

Less than 3.5

It is usually not felt, but is recorded


Often felt, but only causes minor damage


Causes light damage to buildings


Can cause severe damage in areas where many people live


Major earthquake. Causes serious damage

8 or higher

Great earthquake. Total destruction to nearby communities


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