They expect that in the second half of 2021 they will stop using plastics in Coahuila


Since September 2020, two laws were modified for the use and handling of plastic products in the State

Saltillo Coahuila. – The culture of using and disposing of plastics is destroying the planet, but that is not new. For years there has been an attempt to raise awareness that these products, in their numerous presentations, cause irreparable damage to the ecosystem; Therefore, currently, laws have been modified to moderate the use and acquisition of these.

Only in 2019 in Mexico 7.7 million tons of plastic were consumed in different presentations and according to Mónica Conde, general director of the company Ambiente Plástico, it is estimated that during 2020 this figure grew by three percent due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

For different environmentalists, this figure is alarming, despite the fact that Mexico is one of the leading countries in recycling since 30 percent of waste is used.

However, the cost of recycled material is high due to the fact that the waste that reaches the recycling plants is highly contaminated due to the mishandling of waste, which reduces the consumption of reusable materials.

In the case of Coahuila, since September last year, two laws were modified for the use and handling of plastic products, especially bags and straws, most of which are not considered at the time of recycling.

These were the general law of ecological balance and the law of waste material, which limit the use of plastic objects and promote the use of reusable materials.

Unlike Mexico City, where the use of various plastic objects has already been limited, these laws were initially limited to prohibiting the use of plastic bags and straws, preventing supermarket chains and stores from of convenience deliver them, or that generate a cost to the user, in order to avoid consuming them and using other products.

According to the Secretary of the Environment in the State, Eglantina Canales, these laws are aimed at ensuring that citizens do not use unnecessary products and be more aware when generating waste.

He said that for several years he has been working with this problem, creating educational strategies. In addition, to work together with the chambers of commerce and the restaurant industry, so as not to use straws or plastic bags, which is why progress has been made in the cultural area.

However, he added that during the pandemic a large part of this cultural advance was lost due to the high consumption of medical materials, such as masks and mouth covers, coupled with the high demand for food delivery at home, especially from March to July. .

However, he considers that, despite the fact that the pace is slow with the reform of these laws, and others that will be made in the coming months, especially in waste management, for the second half of this year progress will be seen regarding to the use of these products.


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