Universal Assistance adds coverage for Covid-19 in all its products


To adapt to the new needs of tourists, Universal Assistance decided that all its products provide coverage in the event of positive Covid-19, including medical assistance, cancellation costs, or trip interruption, hotel for convalescence or quarantine, transfer and accommodation of the family group, and flight rescheduling penalty, among others.

The travel assistance service became essential with the pandemic, so the company that has the support of Zurich Insurance Group anticipated all the scenarios that could affect its customers.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Universal Assistance worked to adapt to the new context, creating new products and services to protect its clients when they need it most.

This was explained by Alfredo Fernández Vega, CEO Universal Assistance & Cover More Latam, “Over the years we have faced numerous challenges and although when Covid-19 arrived we were prepared, the pandemic forced us to accelerate the development plans we had. projected for the next two years ”.

Fernández added, “This allowed us to guarantee continuity of service, even with our operations center operating remotely, and to get closer to the client through technological tools and assistance services specifically designed for the situation of the global pandemic. To achieve this, it was essential to have the experience and the support that being part of the Cover-More Group, a world leader in travel assistance, gives us ”.

For more than two years, the company has been working with the Medical Telecare service, an extremely important solution at times like this, where clients often prefer not to attend a medical center.

Universal Assistance developed i-Covid, a real-time information service for its clients, essential to improve the travel experience in a context where the evolution of the pandemic and the regulations of the countries change minute by minute.

In i-Covid the traveler can resolve all the concerns that may arise related to Covid-19, either about the restrictions or requirements for entering a country, health protocols of the airlines and advice for their safety during the trip.

In addition, it added a new service channel to assist all its passengers, it is a “virtual assistant” or “chatbot”, which aims to continue providing support and personalized attention to all its customers.

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“We know that continuing to invest in technology is extremely important to optimize the customer experience, we will soon have more news designed to improve our service,” adds the manager.

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